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3 Ways of Releasing Trauma by Connecting With Spirit by Ann Naimark

July 16, 2019 7:27 AM | Karen Takayama (Administrator)

Do you feel stuck in the same thoughts, feelings or behaviors that don’t seem to get you what you want?

Maybe your mind goes in circles, recycling the same problem over and over, trying to figure out what to do, but doesn’t come up with any solutions that actually work?

Or you have the same anxious or angry feeling when, say, a partner ignores you, but you have no idea how to get them to listen, so you stay angry, stuck and frustrated?

Do you find yourself trying to be extra nice to a friend who criticizes you in hopes that they’ll stop criticizing or that they won’t leave you?

These examples are a small sampling of what you might be going through if you’ve been through a trauma.

Trauma may be sexual, mental, emotional, or physical.

You may have lost friends, family, home, country.

You may have even experienced more than one really painful situation.

Maybe you’ve lived with this pain for most of your life, perhaps not knowing how or if you could ever release the trauma.

You may have said to yourself, “just get over it!”, or “ it happened a long time ago, it isn’t affecting me now!”

Or you may have mentally stuffed the pain of that experience so deep inside, you might not even realize it’s still there.

But pain doesn’t just disappear. Pain doesn’t go away without some help.  

The pain of trauma can silently affect your thoughts, reactions, and relationships in ways that hurt you in the present. It creates physical, emotional, and mental changes in the way you think and feel.

You are alive!

Living beings want to survive.

You have an amazing ability to survive all sorts of situations. It’s no different when you’re traumatized.  

Trauma hurts. You may have been physically beaten or sexually abused.  You may have been told you were no good. You may have a parent who basically ignored you.  

All of that and more, really hurts. But then your amazing ability to adapt kicks in.

To continue living means you need to do something about the pain. It’s really hard to live day to day in pain, so you create ways to survive, to alleviate or not feel your pain.

Emotionally you may put up blocks against the pain. But the blocks also dull your capacity to feel much of anything else – including joy.

You may tense a part of your body when faced with stress. Your shoulders or neck may get tight. But after holding onto this tension a while, your shoulders and neck may be in chronic pain, which disrupts sleep, and, because the pain distracts you, messes with your ability to keep your attention on other things, like your job.  

You may have a mental block, like deciding that “all people who look like your abuser are scary and to be avoided.”

But then you may believe erroneously, for instance, that “all people who have blond hair” like your abuser are dangerous.  

Making that generalization can keep you from connecting with someone who resembles the person who hurt you, but is NOT an abuser.

In fact, they could be totally the opposite; kind and compassionate.

But because you’re locked in that mindset, you may instantly dismiss them as a mean scary person, lose out on a chance to connect with them, feel their kindness and begin receiving soothing for the pain that you felt from your trauma.

Your brain has ways to help protect you.

The amygdala is a part of your brain that helps to protect you. It records trauma experiences and then, when a new related situation arises, tells your nervous system, mind, emotions, and your body, that this scene is not to be trusted.

Time to run away, fight or shut down!

The amygdala is literal and doesn’t necessarily have an updated view of things. Someone looks the same, sounds the same, moves the same way as a former scary person. The amygdala then decides that this new person is also dangerous, without knowing all the present day details.

You get locked in an out-of-date emotional/mental/behavioral cycle that affects your relationships, your decisions, the way you live your life.

There may come a time when you decide that enough is enough.

You’ll do this when you are sick of repeating the same unhelpful behaviors. You’re done with reliving the past. You want to do something about releasing trauma, but you have no idea what to do next.

Or you may not remember the trauma at all. But you have a nagging ache inside that doesn’t go away, and you are tired of having it there.

Perhaps you keep finding yourself in relationships that end poorly or you’re not happy in the one you are in, and you want to discover why and how to choose more wisely.

In order to get out of your cycle of pain, you can explore different tools that go to the heart of your pain and with ease help you do a lot for releasing  trauma.

You can soothe and rewire your amygdala and help it to update.

You can help your mind, body and emotions to relax, let go, and reboot to the present day. You can move from the original fear and shut down to a more receptive, open, realistic attitude to your life. You can learn discernment based the facts of the moment.

As you release the tension and the adaptive patterns that you have built to help you survive, you begin to feel calmer.

You feel freer, lighter. The world may not look so bleak, but be brighter, full of beautiful colors, shapes, more yummy possibilities for your life.

Here are some really effective ways to help you in releasing trauma so you can get started right now!

One of the best ways of releasing trauma is by connecting with Spirit.

The Divine gives you many styles of healing based on who you are and what you relate to. The Divine recognizes that we’re all different and meets you where you’re at!

You choose what works for you!

Spirit or the Divine or All That Is or whatever name you use for Source, is waiting for you to ask. Spirit is always here.

Spirit doesn’t care how you connect, just connect!

The Divine is also not interested in having you suffer, but 100% wants you to heal, to feel fabulous!

Let me give you 3 spiritual tools for connecting with Spirit that have worked wonders for my clients and that can help you too.

  • One amazing energy is the violet flame, the fire of freedom and forgiveness.
  • The violet flame meditation was given to us by an ascended Light Being, Saint Germain, who used to live on earth and is now (like Jesus) working to help the earth release negativity and move into a more loving existence.

Using it consistently helps to heal anything that keeps you stuck, including releasing trauma. You don’t even have to know all the reasons for your stuckness.

Spirit can tell what’s in the way and begin to peel away and dissolve the embedded causes and effects of your dilemma.

There is a Divine Intelligence in this tool. The Violet Flame identifies what’s going on and finds the most loving, gentle way to transform the negative energies into expressions of Light. Give it a try.



  1. Plan 15 minutes of quiet space.
  2. Sit comfortably.
  3. In your mind or out loud, invite Saint Germain to come be with you in your meditation. You may or may not feel (or sense) that he is with you. But when you ask, he will know it and be there.
  4. Then invite, in the same way, the I AM presence to be with you.  

The I AM presence is one way that we are part of the Divine. We have a Higher Self called our own I AM Presence that is one aspect of the Divine, also called the I AM.

Again, you may or may not sense or feel any differently.  But know that by your asking, your own I AM shows up.

  1. Then also invite the violet flame angels to come help.

These are angels assigned to work with the energy of the violet flame, to facilitate that spiritual fire to do it’s work.


Like, “I want to clear and transform my fear of…”,

Or “my intention is to work on releasing trauma caused by…”

Or “remove all signs of aging and scarcity from my cells, mind, emotions”.

The key here is that you set a specific intention.


Pick a verb that you like to describe the motion of a flame. You might like blaze, boil, twirl, swirl or something else that speaks to you.

Do the following for approximately 15 minutes

“Blaze the violet flame through me”

“Blaze the violet flame through me”

Blaze the violet flame through me beloved I AM.

Repeat the above 3 lines in your head or out loud for 15 minutes.

(I set my alarm on my phone)

When 15 minutes is up, say:

“thank you, love you, bless you”

to I AM, Saint Germain, and violet flame angels,

“and send all the blessings I receive to my family, friends, all people of the earth millions, billions, trillions of times”

or whomever you feel called to bless.

Sit to absorb the energy for a minute or more

Repeat this meditation as often as you wish. However, doing this every day is the most effective.

2) The Emerald Green Ray/Flame is another of the Divine rays that you can use in connecting with Spirit.  

It is the energy of Love, Harmony and Peace. This is especially helpful when you are intent on releasing trauma and connecting with Spirit.

The Archangels who facilitate the energy of the emerald green flame are Raphael and Mother Mary. The emerald green flame angels are also on board.

Use the same format as the violet flame meditation as described above, just substitute emerald green for violet.

3) Here is another easy way of connecting with Spirit using the Emerald Green Flame.

Call on Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary at any time. They come to you with a thought, with a desire, with your feeling. Invite them to bring in soothing Green Light.

Think about, imagine, feel yourself immersed in a liquid bath of emerald green Light. Feel it in all your pores, your cells, your organs, all your body systems (musculoskeletal, cardiac, nervous, for instance).

Extend (think about, visualize, feel) this luscious green several inches out from your physical body to also encompass your emotional body, and soak in that radiance.

With your imagination move the bath of green out even more into your mental body, and out more into your astral and as far away from your physical body as feels good, so you’re bathing in a huge spherical, warm, and loving tub of the Spirit of Peace. Soak until you feel done. Pause and see how you feel.

You might want to start with the violet flame meditation and then move into the emerald green. Once you clear out a bit of what’s clogging up your joy with the violet, then you are better able to absorb the Peace, Harmony, Healing of Green.

Healing is a process.

What would your life be like if you didn’t feel like a traumatized person?

There are layers of pain and resistance that accumulate over your life keeping you from feeling free, joyful, and Light.

If the techniques offered here help you feel better, imagine how much better you can feel if you go deeper into your trauma, layer by layer, bit by bit, releasing trauma and making room for more and more Light.

Releasing trauma a bit at a time allows you to digest the change; you relax into Light, release pain, open up internal space, and absorb Light in that space.

When you bring Spirit into your healing journey, you accelerate the healing process giving  you more peace, love, joy, choices, and balance.

Spirit is for everyone.

There are so many other beautiful Spiritual family members and spiritual technologies which are part of Source’s creation. There is someone and something for everyone. I am grateful to know and work with many, each with their own personality and gift, and all working for the Divine.

As you invite in these wonderful Spiritual helpers, you are connecting with Spirit more and more. You are reducing your pain and releasing trauma.

All of these tools and Light Beings are available to help you live life in joy, peace, and fullness.

You are a Divine Spark and you are meant to live a rich love-filled life.

Let Spirit help you make it happen!

Sending you blessings and joy in the millions.

When you make that decision I am happy to assist you in this journey. Experiment with the tools in this blog and/or we can set up a healing session in person or via Skype. Email me at: annnaimark5@gmail.com

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